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Protecting Your Drive and Passions in Small Business Planning and Real Estate Law.

Real Estate Law

So you know you need help with your Real Estate questions. Hey good news, I might just be what you need!

Gen Y’s are one of the largest generation in the real estate arena, whether it be buying and selling or even renting. But Real Estate Law goes past the world of contracts and leases. Real estate goes hand in hand with small business. Land use is an area of real estate law that sometimes seems so easy, but cities and municipalities can throw some massive wrenches into the mix.

Purchasing, Sales & Leasing

So you got yourself a great real estate agent, but you feel like you might want to have someone go over the purchase agreement to make sure you and your business is getting what you bargained for. Or alternately you have a great real estate agent, but they represent both you and the other party involved, you absolutely need another person involved to be sure your best interests are taken care of.

Or you are representing yourself in a transaction, that is cool, but you are concerned that the other party’s agent might be taking advantage of you, let me step in to help you.

I am also there for when there are some sort of issues with the title. You know that extra cost that you had to pay for, title insurance, things happen. I will be there when it does.

Land Use

Think of land use as a type of zoning. You are in a city and you want to do something that may not be aligned with the land use regulations of that city, whether it be open a business, carry on your business or something else. What I can do is help you approach the city, by the necessary means, in order to gain the access you hope for.


I am not free, sorry. I wish I didn’t have to charge a fee, however, just like you I do have bills and would like to keep a roof over my head too. However, I am not here to nickel and dime you. Matters that involved document drafting, document review and negotiations, my fees are flat; meaning you know what you will be paying up front before you agree to use my services. Even matters that involve going before a city on your behalf for a land use matter, I will determine a flat fee based on your city’s requirements of meetings or other circumstances. On the rare occasion, matters that involve the court system, you will be billed hourly, and you will know what that fee is when you agree to use my services. I tend not to take litigation cases, but I will be able to refer you to an excellent lawyer.