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Protecting Your Drive and Passions in Small Business Planning and Real Estate Law.

Small Business Planning Services

If you are like others in Generation Y, you are struggling to find a job with existing companies. You may have considered of starting your own business. According to USA Today, we are the most entrepreneurial generation ever. That is something Gen Y’s should be very proud of. I am proud to be part of Gen Y and more proud to be included in the entrepreneurial generation.

As a Gen Y, you may not know where to begin your new business. You also may not think you can afford a lawyer’s advice in beginning your new business. With different options available to you, I can assure you, you can afford a lawyer’s advice, you really can’t afford not to find a trusted lawyer to include in your business planning.

I provide my clients flat fees so that there are no surprises when you have other business expenses to take care of. The flat fees available range from a monthly fee for multiple services to a one time flat fee for one service. A lawyer is part of your team; you choose how I will be a part of your team, whether it be on-going or a one-time thing.