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Contracts for Business 101

Contracts are Part of Business

Alright in case you haven’t figured out, contracts and business go together, end of story.  Why you may ask, well it’s simple, it is to help keep you and your business protected.

There are some different types of contracts that will be beneficial for anyone really.

  • Employment Contracts – When you are going to hire your employees you will want some sort of agreement between you and them outlining the basics, like pay, duration of employment and how you can terminate them.
  • Sales Contracts – Whether you are selling stuff or buying stuff, you will likely run into a sales contract, or sales agreement form more than once. It specifies the important terms, like price, delivery, and who the parties are.
  • Leases – Even a lease, something I am sure you have signed for your apartment or even car, but now you have something else in the mix, your business. As a start-up, chances are you will have to have a lease for space to operate out of.

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