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Keeping Your Energy Up

Alright I am a horrible person when it comes to having a good energy, OK that might be an exaggeration. But I do need to be better. So why is your energy so important to your business, well your business stems from you already so the energy you have will just feed your business.

How can you feed your business the good energy it needs? Well by feeding you good energy you need. Whether it be food that makes you feel good, music that just makes you smile or even working out; any and all of them are good places to start.

For me personally, music has always been my driving energy. When I first competed in Miss Minnesota locals, I had music education as my platform; mind you it changed to something more near and dear to my heart, Ovarian Cancer Awareness. But singing and listening to music always puts me in a good mood; it instantly turns my energy around. I make sure when I want to be productive I have music going.

Now if eating healthy or working out gives you that energy, then you need to make that part of your habit to make sure your energy is at its highest.

How will that good energy help your business? You will have the focus and drive to out your business on the track it needs to be on. Don’t let any failures drain your energy use them to push through and increase your driving energy.

In case you need some help, I have created a playlist that I enjoy listening to keep my energy up – Songs to Work By


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