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Why start your own business?

If you were like me in any way, you may have come to the decision to start your own business out of necessity; however, not everyone is the same. I have been reading all sorts of articles about Gen Y’s and them having great entrepreneurial spirit. I also have read some articles that I do not agree with necessarily.

Becoming an Entrepreneur Doesn’t Have to Mean Risking Everything shows that you determine how your business will grow. As an entrepreneur, you hold the cards. You may start a business as a side gig to your current job; that side gig may turn into your full-time job. You may start a business and give it your complete and undivided attention. Not all businesses are the same.

One article that I think lends to starting your own business is, Job Hopping Is the ‘New Normal’ for Millennials: Three Ways to Prevent a Human Resource Nightmare. The three ways to prevent the job hopping night mare really is the essence of being a small business owner. The first and in my mind the most important is “Offer Workplace Flexibility.” Being a small business owner, you control your flexibility. The second suggestion, “Listen to Your Employees;” you are your first employee, you have to listen to yourself as a small business owner. The final suggestion is “Communicate the Company’s Mission & Values.” I think that this is more for your customers benefit as a small business owner.

Why Gen Y Should Get a Real Job is one article that I am slightly offended by. What exactly is a “real job?” My biggest disagreement is that apparently, Gen Y’s are in the same boat as our parents were when they got out into the work force. I know I would be put on some sort of black list if I just showed up at whatever company and basically demand a job. I have heard so many times from baby boomers that “you should just go, just go and get a job.” If it were that easy, we all would have a job, and there would be no unemployment. Some of my other disagreements are that starting out as a small business is detrimental and not beneficial, and that a small business will not provide Gen Y’s any sort of foundation.

I will leave you with one final article that just pisses me off in all honesty, Why Gen Y Entrepreneurship Will Be a Disaster. I am not really going to say much on this article, because I have a lot of not so nice things to say.

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