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Can you start your own business?

YES! With help of course. In my previous post I wrote about “Why start your own business?” You will have a lot of work ahead when you decide to start your own business, but it is manageable. Make yourself a to-do list.

At the top of the list, or really before the list, you should ask yourself if your current job would prevent you from starting your own business. That will be very crucial in having the rest of your to-do list work well. Some companies have their employees sign non-compete agreements, or other various agreements. Until you quit your job you should remember to keep your job first and your new business on the side. If you think your employer will be helpful or even understanding in your new venture, tell them about it. Most importantly, start your new business on your time and with your own equipment, not your company’s time or equipment.

For the rest of your to-do list, I will elaborate further in future blog posts, but for now here is the skeleton to-do list.

So when you ask yourself again, can you start your own business, the answer is YES!

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