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Set Up a Family Meeting

Massie Law, Estate Planning Minnesota

Set up a family meeting once you meet with your lawyer.

You have made the decision to begin your estate planning conversation with me or another lawyer, good for you! Now the conversation should not only be between you and your lawyer. Your family is a vital part of the estate planning process. You will want them to have knowledge and input during your estate planning process.


You will want your family to know what is going on ahead of time so there are no surprises. Knowing where to find information and how to access the information will make things a little easier on your family during some very difficult times ahead.

Whether you keep your will with your lawyer, in a safe deposit box or tucked away somewhere else, you should have a conversation with your family so they know where to find it. This includes how to access any digital accounts you have set up for safe keeping, like


Whether you are married, single or with kids, you may want to hear some input from your family. Parents, spouses, partners and kids may have different ideas to help you in your estate planning conversation. Spouses and partners especially should be included since you will likely want similar estate plans. Kids also should be included in determining who should become guardian when you cannot be there for your kids anymore. Your parents may also be useful in your estate planning conversation depending how involved they are in your life.

So after you have your initial meeting with me or another lawyer, set up a time to meet with your family. Don’t do it over a holiday or other special occasion, make a time just for your estate planning conversation.

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