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Holiday Gifts

I don’t know about you, but I love giving gifts! The holidays are a perfect excuse for me to give gifts to friends and family. This year is no different. I have been searching for perfect gifts pretty much since last holiday season. I however, do not settle on gifts, meaning I don’t go buy something just to buy my loved ones something. Sadly that means sometimes if I did not find them a perfect gift, they end up with a card and that is probably it.

Favorite Gifts to Give

I think my favorite gift to give is a gift that is something that I literally stumbled across for the person. Kids are by far the easiest to do this with, because let’s be fair as long as you know their favorite cartoon or character of the year, then you can stumble across some pretty great gifts. This year I have had to actually narrow down several gift options for one of my favorite kids to buy gifts for, because there are just too many great things for him. But for my adult loved ones, they are the ones that are a little bit more difficult to find gifts for. That is why I try to start my gift shopping right away after the holidays. Once I stumble across something perfect I end up getting it for the person I intend it for right then and there.

Gift Certificates can be from the Heart

Have you thought about some ideas for gifts for your loved ones this year? Even gift certificates can come from the heart, they usually get a bad reputation for being the opposite. Gift certificates with a purpose can be very heartfelt and perfect for your loved ones. A gift certificate for estate planning would help your loved ones plan their future. With my flat fees, there are no surprise fees generally to estate planning, unless your loved one wishes to set up a trust. So this year if you have a loved one that has had some life changes or just simply has not started their estate plan, why not buy them a gift certificate to get them started. I have services starting at $100 per person with a wills starting at $350 per person.

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