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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

So fall seems to have come and gone here in Minnesota. That means it is holiday season, starting with my personal favorite, Halloween! Growing up I always looked forward to Halloween; my mom and I would fully decorate the house and have a haunted driveway for kids to walk up to get candy from the deck. My personal favorite trick, that we rigged up, was the dropping spider, suspended from the basketball hoop controlled by a fishing pole. I had full control of the fishing pole most of the time and would drop it on the unsuspecting kids walking up the driveway. I hope for the young kids in your family, you do not find a house like mine, but for older kids, I hope you do and I hope you enjoy the laughter that you will hear from your mouth.


My dropping spider is a lot like problems that come up where some estate planning would have been beneficial to have in advance. When you least expect it something can happen, whether it be an accident or some sort of illness, you and your loved ones will be scrambling to put things together if you can, like power of attorney, healthcare directives and even wills. Take time to plan for tricks and begin your estate planning conversation.

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