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Massie Law Graduation

It has been just over 3 years since law school graduation and I am loving life!

Thinking back over the last 3 years since graduation and the bar exam results were released, I realize that I am not doing what I thought I would be doing. That is perfectly fine with me. I figured back in college that by 30, I would have been an “adult” for a few years already. Adult meaning career, house, and other “adult” things taken care of. Apparently I am not alone in feeling like I have not figured things out yet. “A Troublemaker’s Manifesto: The Benefits of Wandering” talks about starting adulthood later because young adults are taking longer to get started.

I know some peers and colleagues may criticize my decision to not just take a job on order to have a job. My choice to not take, what the article claimed as, a “bullshit job,” was to not get burnt out of law early in my career. I graduated college and law school knowing there was certain areas of law I was not ever going to be interested in, and to me, those areas of law would have been the “bullshit jobs.” Someone has to do them, it just was never going to be me.

To continue on my Gen Y state of mind, another article “Does Gen Y even have any money?” another Gen Y advisor talks about how Gen Y’s may not have the baby boomer’s level of money but they do have questions and problems. Like the author, I provide organization and clarity. Instead of financial planning, I provide estate planning services.  You have your own families and careers that I can help organize and clarify your estate plan.

I am doing my own thing and I am loving it! I help my generation with necessities of life. I am a trusted advisor and actually get to help people.

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