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Getting and Staying Healthy

Keeping your Estate Plan Healthy

I am not known as a health conscious person. However, since February, I have cut down on eating out and focused on cooking healthier options. I lost weight immediately from that, and I feel much healthier. I decided to join a gym in June to increase that feeling. I have to say it was one of the best ideas I have had since starting my practice in January. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a dessert fiend and I just cannot shake that, but I am looking at healthier options at least.

Now, I know you are probably wondering what exactly this has to do with estate planning. Well, your estate has its own health to be aware of. Your estate, like you, has its own weaknesses, like desserts for me. Hopefully, your estate’s weakness is your family. Your estate’s goal is to maintain the health of your family, whether it be the health of your assets, your health or your kids. Your estate’s gym is using an attorney to strengthen your options. Just like a gym, an attorney is not a miracle worker, but it utilizes what is already present and makes it stronger.

What I can do for you is to look at what you and your family find important and look at what you are most concerned with – your assets, your health or your kids. With my various coverage options, including cost options, I will make your estate plan stronger.

In case you are looking for some ideas to keep physically healthy, check out one of my friends, Carisa Rasmussen and her company, Clean & Lean. She was one of the reasons I actually wanted to be a little healthier. She truly is an inspiration.

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