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Back To School

Back to School

School of Fish – Back to School

So it is that time of year that you either love or you hate. Your kids, or even you are going back to school. This time of the year you should think about looking at your current estate plan, or if you have none, you should think of beginning your estate plan.

Your Kids Are Back to School

It is back to school time yet again!. Schools have you fill out several forms in order to protect your kids. Estate planning is really just an extension from these forms. Think about it – they have forms about medications, athletics release forms, field trips forms, and forms about who is allowed to pick up your kids. Estate planning forms have different uses too. You have documents naming temporary guardians and permanent guardians. You have documents describing how to care for your kids if you cannot. You have documents how to provide for your kids when you cannot.

You cannot always be there for your kids, but documents making your wishes known will make it as close as possible for you to always be there for them.

You Are Back to School

Gen Y’s are still in school whether we like it. This is not a bad thing; we may have decided to change careers or enhance our current careers. However, this time of the year is a good time for you to look at your estate plan as well. I know my college and law school asked for emergency contact information. Just because they are listed as an emergency contact does not mean that they will have any ability to actually help you in an emergency. Creating a power of attorney and a healthcare directive is essential in protecting you when you are back to school or even at work.

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