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My Friends are Getting Married!

This is one of my dear friends that started the trend of my friends getting married back in 2006.

This is one of my dear friends that started the trend of my friends getting married back in 2006.

Gen Y’s are at the age that are getting married. Over the last few years, several friends have gotten married and started families. Recently, one of my best friends got engaged and I could not be more thrilled for her; I just wish we could celebrate sooner than next year. I do get to celebrate a friend’s wedding this month, and the happy couple is truly happy. I want them to stay happy, of course I want all of my friends to be happy. I would like you to remain happy, estate planning is not some big scary thing. It protects you and your new spouse.

So with all of these new marriages and new families starting, estate planning is necessary. Your new spouse may not be able to make decisions for you in a medical emergency, especially if the emergency happens on your honeymoon. A healthcare directive and power of attorney can help that.

You have assets that each of you had before marriage, you may have kids from previous relationships. A will, will help you in taking care of your assets; you may not want all of your assets to go to your spouse for whatever reason. Guardianship papers will allow your new spouse to make decisions for your children when you cannot, or their other parent cannot.

Estate planning may seem like a big what-if game, but it’s a game that is necessary because your health, assets and kids are the end game. My Health, My Assets, and My Kids coverage are options to take care of you and your new family. You played the game of dating, and your wedding, now why not play the estate planning game?

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