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I Understand Gen Y Clients

I understand Gen Y clients because I am Gen Y. I understand that we are unique and want more. I think wanting more is a great thing! I understand that you want great service and ease of planning. I understand that we are a technology generation. I also understand that you have families and even small businesses yourself.

More Time

Gen Y is more disciplined with their financial planning than their parents are. That is a great thing! You want more for your family and your business now and in less time. You are concerned with planning ahead and you realize how important planning ahead is. As the article mentions an advisor is like your personal trainer, as your estate planning advisor, I will give you a plan that you can stick to. It also is a better use of your time to use an advisor versus doing the estate planning on your own without any help.

Great Service

I will give you great service. I will put together whatever coverage you want and it will be easy for you. I do have one request, realize for me to better serve you, I will have to ask you questions about your assets, debts, and families. I know that for some people this is going to be difficult, however that unless I have that information I will not be able to effectively serve you. I can assure you that your information will be secure with me. Depending on the level of coverage that you want or need, I may request a lot of information.

I googled Gen Y planning and how to serve Gen Y’s better. Some of the articles and posts were not putting us in the best of light. And some gave us some props. I wanted to focus on one of the posts I found. So this post basically said to financial planners and life insurance agents that Gen Y’s will just take your high net worth client’s money, their parents, and they will leave with the money and the planner and agent will have nothing. While our parents are at the age of retirement and already have their estate plan in place, Gen Y has to be concerned with what will happen to any inheritance and have to do estate planning for themselves. I do not see my Gen Y clients as an empty space for planning; I think the opposite is true. Don’t let estate planning be the last thing on your mind.


As part of the technology generation, I am looking at technology to better serve my clients. A couple weeks ago, I told you how I was a hypocrite. Since then I have used some new technology at my disposal to stop being a hypocrite. Or at least set myself up to stop being a hypocrite. I used Estate Map to put together my information. I am still looking at other technology to better serve you. I can assure you that any technology that I find to serve you will be secure and easy to use.

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