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Some More Tips for Digital Assets

Estate planning in the digital age

Estate planning for the digital generation

So I gave you some tips a couple of months ago for digital assets planning. However, I recently came across some articles about digital assets and possible state actions in other states. Out of “Protecting Online Assets: 9 Ways to Safeguard Your Digital Legacy” there are a few tips that I wanted to highlight.

“5. Make your choices clear.”

Make an estate plan to identify those you trust to take care of your digital assets; not only to have access to, but to distribute them appropriately.

“6. Keep the list of usernames and passwords separate from the  will…”

With software like Estate Map or your own personal list, you should keep a list that you can update when you need to separate from your will. This will save you money in the long run as well; you won’t have to come to me every time you need to change a password or username. Not only that, your passwords will remain private even if your estate does not. Just be sure to keep the list and will in a safe place.

“7. …But make sure you cover details that need to be legally binding in the will itself.”

Any of your digital assets that you want to leave to specific people, you should still include in your will.

“9. Don’t expect absolute results.”

Estate planning will help courts know your wishes, and will hopefully have the court rule in favor of your wishes as compared to any laws or service agreements. Without planning, your loved ones will not have your wishes in writing and will likely be met with problems.

Read more for other ideas and tips.

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