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I know that estate planning sounds like something you really don’t need. But I can assure you, it is something you really do need. You are not a minor, your parents cannot make decisions for you anymore if something were to happen. You may or may not be married, but your loved ones will have no rights to your assets or decisions. What will happen to your kids if something were to happen to you, even if it’s temporarily. Plan ahead for the unthinkable. Even if the topic is scary, it is necessary.

Think back to high school and your senior year, you were probably figuring out college and it probably scared you a little bit. I know for me, I was uncertain to an extent and I was scared. I was not sure how college was going to go, I know I had thoughts of how it would go – graduate with a legal studies major of some type with good grades, then I would have to take the LSAT and then start a new adventure of law school. I can tell you that I followed my intended path with a small hiccup. I was not accepted into law school right away. I had to take a year off; that was not in the plan! I was scared and was doubting if law school was for me at that point. In the end after some new planning I followed my intended path. Estate planning is your way of planning for your intended path, whether it’s for your health, your assets or your kids.

You still may be uncertain if you need estate planning, but if you are no longer under 18, the answer is yes you do!

Does this sound like you?

  • Closer to 30 than 18
  • Still have several student loans
  • Living with your parents or in-laws because the economy has affected your career
  • Starting a family with kids or marriage


Yes? Please contact me to start your estate planning. Even you need an estate plan of some sort.


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