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I have been a Hypocrite

So over the last few months, I have been telling you that estate planning is necessary for everyone. I was looking at some marketing ideas and some software to implement to better serve my clients. Estate Map is one of the software options that I am looking at; in order to try it out, I decided to use myself as the guinea pig. As I sat entering my information, I realized that I have been a hypocrite; I have not done my estate planning.

How can I tell my clients to do something like a will or other estate planning options when I have not even done my estate planning? Although I do not have kids, I do have my health and my assets to be concerned about. What would happen to me if I were in an accident tomorrow; I have nothing set up for my mom or my boyfriend to make decisions for me. I have not even talked to either person about what my wishes are, so there is nothing for them to know my thoughts. I am not married, but there are things that I want to be sure to go to my boyfriend since we have been together for 4 years, and things I want to be sure goes to my mom. I have student loans that I have to at least let my personal representative know about.

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