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Welcome to My New Site!

I started the journey to open Massie Law, PLLC back in December. I went through different ideas for what I wanted to be my niche; my area of law to help people with. I thought back to the classes I really enjoyed in law school; I thought about my potential client pool. I decided that non-traditional families was a good client pool, especially since I came from one and am currently part of a non-traditional family – unmarried couple. I decided that out of the classes I enjoyed the most, wills and trusts was going to be the easiest to market for a virtual law office.

Well, estate planning is still part of my niche; however, non-traditional families is not. After looking at my blog posts and the articles that I shared, I realized that I was not marketing my services to non-traditional families, I was really marketing my services to the Gen Y crowd.

A virtual law office is perfect for the Gen Y crowd that is constantly connected and thrives with technology.  Estate planning is necessary even for the Gen Y crowd. You may not think you need to worry about what happens if you were to pass away. You have digital assets that your family will not have access to if you do not plan ahead; whether that be pictures, emails, or any other number of online accounts. Help take care of your family in the future by planning now.

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