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Estate Planning in the Digital Age

Estate planning in the digital age

The benefits and the convenience of my virtual law office is part of the digital age. Estate planning has to adapt to the digital age like all other aspects of life today. You have online accounts for everything, from banking, pictures, bills and even Facebook. Most of these accounts will not allow others to access your accounts upon death without your express permission. So why not set up an estate plan for your online accounts.

Here are some tips for estate planning in a digital age.

  • Set up a safe solution for storing passwords.
  • Give your power of attorney and your doctor access to medical documents.
  • Store your documents on the cloud.
  • Include instructions for social media and email accounts in your estate planning documents.
  • Provide access to valuable digital family assets.

More details about the above tips can be found on “You Just Locked Out Your Executor And Made Your Estate Planning A Monumental Hassle“. So no matter how big or small your family is, I am sure you have accounts that you want loved ones to have access to when you are no longer with them.

If you are ready to begin your estate plan in the digital age, please contact metoday.

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