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Small family and Small estates

I have a small family or I do not have many assets to worry about; why do I need estate planning?

Small family and Small estatesEven with a small family you likely have some situations that need to be considered. Do you have children; will you have a surviving spouse; or do you have something else that you need to take care of?

You need to consider each situation. Your estate planning team may not be quite as extensive as others, but you still need an estate planning team. Your attorney will walk you through your situations or potential situations, in order to determine the best plan of action for your estate. Your children, your spouse or anyone else that you have a responsibility for can be taken care of once you can no longer take care of them yourself.

I am sure you have thought of what will happen to my kids if I am not there for them, an estate plan will be your action plan for your kids. If you have a partner, you need to consider what happens to the kids if both of you were die simultaneously. Who will care and supervise your kids; how will they be provided for?

Do you have other family members that rely on your care and support, like elderly parents or any disabled family member? They can be taken care of as well with an estate plan.

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