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Welcome to Massie Law, PLLC

As a young child I knew I wanted to be a lawyer. My ambition started out with criminal law, I quickly discovered that I couldn’t do that. I thought for a while to do something in corporate law because that kind of lawyer made lots of money. For the majority of college I felt that environmental law would be a great choice for me. I wanted to actually make a difference. My last year of college I learned what my true passion was, constitutional law and civil rights. I could definitely help make the world a better place with that passion.

As I graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School with a concentration in constitutional law and civil rights, I learned even more. I still want to help people but unfortunately civil rights cannot pay back my student loan debt.

I created Massie Law, PLLC to help the single moms and non-traditional families with a very important aspect of their lives, estate planning. So I introduce you all to Massie Law, PLLC.

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